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Family Events

family math festival * thurs, january 16                           6:30 to 8:00 pm

As a celebration of our focus of math in this semester's classes, we are hosting a Family Math Festival. The classrooms will be full of stations of puzzles, questions, and games meant to challenge and encourage groups to talk math. Some of the Focus Groups will be presenting a math game or puzzle as a culminating project for the semester. We hope you will join our wonderful community and be prepared to have a fun evening! 

Pizza and prizes!!

Spring buddy day * thursday, 4/2 * 1 to 3 pm

Coming soon!

Connect on Facebook

Interested in connecting with Ocean Families?

OAEC Families is a Facebook page where you can find opportunities for carpooling, arranging play dates, share pictures, etc. Questions: contact Annabelle Drake

The Brave Learner Book Club

Join us at the monthly Parent Support Group meeting where we’ll discuss The Brave Learner.  If you don’t already have a copy of the book and you plan to join us for the first meeting on October 10, ask in the office about obtaining a free copy of the book.

Book discussion will be from 1-2pm and the regular Parent Support Meeting will be from 2-3pm.

(If you are a parent of a Grouper, the Grouper can stay on campus while you attend the meeting)

This is a great way to take a deep dive into the superpowers of Brave Learning and learn strategies to create and sustain a joyful learning environment in your home!

Reading Schedule

Please read the following chapters before each meeting. Feel free to attend even if you’ve only done part of the reading!  Be sure to mark your favorite passages or those that challenge your thinking.

October 10: Chapters 1-3

November 14: Chapters 4-5

January 9: Chapters 6-7

February 13: Chapters 8-9

March 12: Chapters 10-11

April 16: Chapters 12-14