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We are working with Terri Steinmann and the WEST team once again to assemble a theatre plan with three class options. The class options vary in commitment required, rehearsal times, and cost to the family. As you read through each option, please note carefully the rehearsal and performance times for each group. We may modify the hours, including calling some actors in the Advanced theater option for an extra half hour from 11:00-11:30 as needed. 


Where the Wild Thyme Grows (2nd-8th grades)  Our most intensive class option. Must have completed this interest survey by Nov. 15, 2019 and then come to audition day on Nov. 22. See details on this page.

The Ocean staff will consider the size and developmental readiness of actors interested in the Advanced Theater (Where the Wild Thyme Grows) cast, which is why you MUST have completed the interest survey no later than November 15. Thanks!



K-8th grade:

Combined Dates for


THEATER TECH: FINE ARTS  (Urchins & Groupers) 

Classes for these two groups will be during regular Spectra Theater hours from 1:00–3:00 p.m. on Thursdays, February 13 through March 12.

Showcase Performance date for SQUIRTS MARCH 19 at Broadway Playhouse.

Showcase Performances of the sets made by the Theater Tech group for Where the Wild Thyme Grows will be MARCH 20 at Broadway Playhouse. Performance times 1:00 and 7:00.


More about the WEST Performing Arts and Ocean Alternative Theater Collaboration:

While we realize it is unreasonable to expect to create a theatre class that suits everyone's needs and individual philosophy, we endeavor to create a theatre class that serves many of our Ocean community. At the heart of the theatre class is the dedication to create an inclusive, safe platform for young people to explore creativity, learn to collaborate with others, and critically think through a project from inception to completion. All students are invited to participate as acting/technical theatre students or as audience members. We evaluate the program each year based on feedback from the students, families, teachers and artists and do our best to adjust the class to suit our ever-changing needs. 

That being said, we realize we cannot meet everyone's expectations, but we feel confident that staying true to providing a child-centered theatre class is the right path for our community.

If your student is reticent, we would love to try to help them know what to expect and to find the right fit in our program. Also, the best cure for reticence is WATCHING the shows—kids are often most inspired by seeing the plays and thinking, "I can do that".


a note about GENDER in WEST productions

WEST does change gender roles and characters—but it is rarely something the director solely decides or dictates for the play. Rather, typically we let the actor who has been cast in the role decide which gender he/she will play the role. 

Changing the gender of title characters sometimes happens, but not without discussion among the whole group—especially if it switches the story dynamic or necessitates additional gender switches—or where romance is involved in the plot-line. In that case, we discuss the options of how we, as an ensemble, want to tell the story. 

Everyone has a chance to express an opinion, and discuss the ways it may affect the story then we hold an open vote to decide as an ensemble how we will tell the story. And as it is their work/ experience, WEST always defers to the decision of the ensemble.  

Although we are deeply supportive of gender equality and the need for students to explore gender identity, unless it is the primary intent of the play, it is important to acknowledge that while some students benefit by having a safe space to explore gender, other students may feel their safety or comfort was jeopardized.

It is a balance. And it is a tricky balance when working with broad age groups. If we decide to offer a play with this expressed intent, it should be clear from the onset that is the intent of this particular experience. There is also the "place" that a well known story has in an individual's heart. Often, too much change to a beloved story is compromising and unsatisfying.

Please feel free to help us refine our practices and support everyone even better.


Theater Class Page 2019-2020

Screenshot 2015-08-17 at 11.07.40 PM.png

Ocean Alternative Theater Program Overview

2020 THEATER options. CHOOSE ONE

We're again working with WEST for our theater program which resembles last year's configuration:

1. Advanced Theater Experience 2nd-8th grades: WHERE THE WILD THYME GROWS (a spoof of A Midsummer Night's Dream by the playwright who brought us Outrageous Fortune).  This is our full-commitment option with a mandatory Audition Day on November 22nd. The script will be adapted to the players, parts will be cast, and scripts will go home over Winter Break. Rehearsals will be from early January until the performances at Broadway Playhouse on March 20th, at 1:30 and 7:00 PM (similar to Sign of the Seahorse last year) INTEREST SURVEY DUE NOV. 15th, please!

See schedule below.

2. Regular Thursday Theater Experience SQUIRTS, TK-2nd: TALES FROM THE HUNDRED ACRE WOOD: This option will be developmentally geared for the younger kids, with options to do more as kids are ready. It runs from February 13th until an evening performance and family picnic on the lawn at Broadway Playhouse* on March 19th at 6:00 pm. (like The Day The Crayons Quit last year) INTEREST SURVEY

*Will divert to Del Mar Elementary School in the event of rain.

3. Regular Thursday Theater Experience URCHINS and GROUPERS, 3rd-8th: THEATER TECH FINE ARTS—SETS, COSTUMES, PROPS. This option will happen at the same time as the rehearsals for the Advanced Theater play and will have an option for some small acting parts if desired (Similar to Theater Tech and Acting two years ago) INTEREST SURVEY


Advanced Theater Option—Where the Wild Thyme Grows


Once again we will work with Terri Steinmann from

West Performing Arts to offer a 2nd-8th grade play for very committed actors. 

Friday, Nov. 22 

AUDITION DAY: 10:00-12:00

at Ocean

This class option requires that actors attend the Audition Day, all rehearsals, any extra rehearsals we might call, and that they will be here for the tech rehearsal on MONDAY March 16, dress rehearsals on THURSDAY and FRIDAY, and the two performances on FRIDAY March 20. There is a $100 fee for this option that can be offset by reducing curriculum/materials provided by Ocean and by selling calendars in November and December. 

Actors will receive their scripts and parts before Winter Break and are expected to begin learning lines before initial rehearsals begin in January.  

Where the Wild Thyme Grows

 Join us for a spoof of A Midsummer Night's Eve

       written by the same playwright who brought us the hilarious Outrageous Fortune 




Urchin & Grouper Thursday Theater Class

 Theater Tech Fine Arts: Sets, Props, Costumes


NOTE: for GROUPERS the time is 1:00-3:00 pm for this option, which is a change from their regular Thursday Art class time.

Please fill out interest survey by January 22nd or SOONER.

Five weeks of working on the sets for Where the Wild Thyme Grows, as well as possibly acting in minor parts or a pre-show skit, and possibly developing sets, props, or costume pieces for Tales of the Hundred Acre Wood.

Class times will be five THURSDAYS, February 13–March 12 from 1:00–2:00. Everyone participating can be at Ocean as usual from 1:00–3:00.


AUDITION DAY: 10:00–12:00  

Friday NOV. 22 

Where the Wild Thyme Grows

a spoof based on Shakespeare's

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Advanced Theater Class:

Where the Wild Thyme Grows

Fill out survey by November 15



SQUIRT Theater Class:

Tales from the

Hundred Acre Wood

Fill out survey by JANUARY 22



URCHIN & GROUPER Theater Class:

Theater Tech Fine Arts: Sets, Props, Costumes

Fill out survey by JANUARY 22



Squirt Thursday Theater Class

(K-2nd grades):
All Squirts are welcome to this class, but it helps us design the class and share contact information with Terri if you fill out the interest survey by January 22nd or SOONER. SOONER IS BETTER!
Tales from the Hundred Acre Wood

We will create a script based on the needs and readiness of the actors, and A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh characters from the Hundred Acre Wood. 

We'll build a fun, safe, and developmentally appropriate story that kids will help devise. 

Regular rehearsals for The Hundred Acre Wood will be THURSDAYS, February 13 –March 12 from 2:00-3:00.

Everyone participating can be at Ocean as usual from 1:00–3:00.

Showcase Performance and family picnic on MARCH 19 at Broadway Playhouse (will divert to Del Mar School in the event of rain)


  • SQUIRT DRESS REHEARSAL 2:00-3:00 PM at Broadway Playhouse
  • Family picnic at 5:00
  • Actor Call (get in costumes and get ready for the show) at 5:30
  • Tales from the Hundred Acre Wood Performance at 6:00.

PLAN TO COME SEE Where the Wild Thyme Grows the next day at Broadway Playhouse at 1:30 PM or 7:00 PM.

The Ocean Alternative Squirt theater class is open to ALL students K-2 willing to attend consistently and put forth a strong effort to learn. The program goals are largely focused on learning fundamentals that include understanding how to participate in a class of this nature. Learning how to listen, adapt and modify behavior to function as an individual within a group is the primary goal

Since these young students arrive to class at different developmental stages, come from different home philosophies on what "school" is, and experience different parenting styles, the process appears (and is) chaotic. But we make every effort to help each child learn how to function in the class; that IS the process.  

We could take the position to include only students who were "ready" and able to assimilate with the program, and whose parents agreed to work with their child in between each class session—and we would certainly have a more polished product and manageable class—but we would have sacrificed inclusivity. In this regard, I would ask people to consider the larger picture. "It is the creative journey that matters" for these young ones.  

That said, if we are to build a script that best matches the current needs, it will help us for parents to let us know SOONER rather than later that they believe their students will participate in the showcase production. 

—Terri Steinmann