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Ocean Online

Ocean Online is a FREE non-classroom based school option offered at Ocean Alternative School for K - 8th graders including students with no immunizations.  It provides a curriculum that is adaptable to each student’s needs and skill level, weekly meetings with a knowledgeable teacher, and a community to be a part of.


Benefits for your child:

Adaptable Curriculum

Blended - online and offline possibilities

Based on skill level (not necessarily grade)

Self - pace - can allow more time for assignments or excuse assignments

Content understanding is the goal - if a student scores low, they can repeat an

assignment with 1:1 teacher guidance


Online Curriculum

Student can review material as much as needed

Gives a measurable picture of what the student is learning

Students take ownership for the work they need to complete

Paces students with calendar

Alerts teacher/mentors when student is ahead or behind

Accelerate Ed - K - 8 comprehensive program plus electives for middle schoolers


Direct Teacher Support

Weekly meetings

Review of work

Tutoring as needed

Assessment of growth

Future assignments

Resources and curriculum support


Community *

Monthly Field trips


Community Events

Parent support events



*students without immunizations according to SB277, cannot attend any OA community events



Ocean Online is a unique opportunity for students living in Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara, San Benito, and San Mateo counties. This is a non-classroom based instruction option (SB277 compliant). For more information and to begin the enrollment process please fill out the Ocean Online New Student Information form.