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Weekly Student Schedule

Learning Lab Hours:

Mon.  9:30 to 1:30

Tues. 11 to 1:30 (9:30 science)

Weds. 11 to 1:30 (9:30 science)

Th  11 to 3

Drop-in, with flexible start and end times.

Online curriculum

School Gmail Accounts

Ocean Online students need to have a Live Oak School District Google account. Each student needs to come up with a user name and 8 digit password. Please complete this survey to pick a username and password. We use our Google accounts with the online curriculum and to communicate with the teacher.

Ocean Online



Ocean Online is a unique opportunity for students living in Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara, San Benito, and San Mateo counties. There is a non-classroom based instruction option (SB277 compliant). 

Curriculum Options

Ocean Online uses a blended learning model, combining the best in educational technology (Buzz) with expert teacher support and consultation. Our program is designed to be flexible and allow for a wide range of student abilities and interests. Below is a guide to the broad spectrum of curriculum options available to all students. Please keep in mind that students are required to participate in art or music activities as well as daily physical education. 


  • Online Only

    • 5 Buzz Courses - Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Study, and one Elective
    • 4 Buzz Courses - Drop 1 class from the list above
    • 3 Buzz Courses - Drop 2 classes from the list above
  • Blended Learning

    • Plan A: 4 Buzz courses plus 1 traditional independent study
    • Plan B: 3 Buzz courses plus 1-2 traditional independent study
    • Plan C: 2 Buzz courses plus 1-3 traditional independent study
  • Literature and Writing Focus

    • Students interested in a literature and writing rich curriculum can opt to drop the online Language Arts course, with teacher and parent approval. This track is designed for highly literate students who want to emphasize literary analysis and writing in multiple genres. This track is considered high school preparation at an advanced level.
  • Project Based Learning

    • Students who prefer a more hands on approach to learning can opt to drop either their online science or social studies course. This track emphasizes research, report writing, and activities that show rather than tell. Some examples might include science fair projects, science experiments with lab write ups, dioramas, poster board presentations, Google Slide projects, iMovies on academic topics, built or constructed models, figures, and artifacts, art projects, and writing projects based on field trips or other experience based learning.

For more information and to begin the enrollment process please fill out the survey below.