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Deb's Squirt Page 2018-2019


These groups will rotate over the year. The first round of groups will be built around the theme of Oceans, with Heddi, Deb, and Zelda.

Deb's Inquiry Group: I'll offer a theater group where we'll write small plays and perform them together. I may bring in objects related to the theme of the ocean and seashore to infuse into our storytelling. I've been reading their stories aloud at lunch.

My focus will be on Math during the first semester and Writing and Literacy during the second semester. 

Deb's Math Focus First Semester: Investigating Proportional Reasoning through number games, measurement, and math workshop. 

Focus Group Investigations

These are developmentally appropriate Science/Social Studies (science room with Heddi) AND Math/Literacy (classroom with Deb) groups that flip flop each week with half the group going to one and half to the other. 

This year the groups are affectionately called Things One and Things Two.

Deb's Lunchtime Read Aloud