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Ocean Alternative Health Policy


Let's all stay healthy. Please observe your child for symptoms of illness each day they plan to come to the center. Our health policy also applies to parents and staff.


Stay home if there are any signs of the following:


A fever of 100 degrees or more

A constant cough

Symptoms of illness including: low energy, aches, chills, etc.

Diarrhea/Vomiting more than once within the past 24 hours

Any contagious disease (please notify us)

Any illness or injury within the past 24 hours, which prohibits a child from actively participating in the program 


If your child becomes sick while at the program, you or someone listed on your emergency card will be contacted to pick the child up immediately.


Thanks for you help!

caaspp training info

Here is how to get to the training tests:

* go to Practice Test Portal

* keep the student info as guest and click on the “sign in” tab

* select grade

* select the type of test

* you can look at the different designated supports

* please use this site to practice, look at test questions, different grade levels, designated supports, etc.

Practice Test Portal

Answers to tests (Also available at Ocean by request)  Scroll down page to find grade and test. It gives the answers and/or rubrics used to grade questions. 

*Informational Essay Rubric, grades 3-5 

*Opinion Essay Rubric, grades 3-5

*Narrative Writing Rubric, grades 3-8

*Explanatory Essay Rubric, grades 6-11

*Argumentative Essay Rubric, grades 6-11 

The practice tests are personalized because you can get the answers and sit together to see what's on the test, to help them to understand the problems. You won't get a report of the practice test, so this is the way to know how it's going for your child, or for you, should you opt to try out the test yourself!

The tests themselves are personalized because the test is adaptive, meaning that the questions they pose are dependent on the accuracy of the previous answers—they'll select the next question based on the answer to the current question, selecting either more basic or more advanced questions, adapting to the student.

Other Resources:

Released 2015 Test Questions

Parent Guides and Roadmaps to Common Core Math by Grade Level

Parent Guides and Roadmaps to Common Core English Language Arts by Grade Level

There are times when the practice sites are down for maintenance.  If you are not able to log in the site will be unavailable for a short time.

CAASPP-California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress

TOMS - Test Online Management System (student demographic and staff information)

SBAC- Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

Parent Resources

Brave Learner Book Club One thursday per month

Join us at the monthly Parent Support Group meeting where we’ll discuss The Brave Learner. Book discussion will be from 2-3pm and the regular Parent Support Meeting will be from 1-2pm. (If you are a parent of a Grouper, the Grouper can stay on campus while you attend the meeting)

This is a great way to take a deep dive into the superpowers of Brave Learning and learn strategies to create and sustain a joyful learning environment in your home! Reading Schedule Please read the following chapters before each meeting. Feel free to attend even if you’ve only done part of the reading! Be sure to mark your favorite passages or those that challenge your thinking.

October 10: Chapters 1-3

November 14: Chapters 4-5

January 9: Chapters 6-7

February 13: Chapters 8-9

March 12: Chapters 10-11

April 16: Chapters 12-14



Carol Dweck - pioneering researcher mindset, motivation and achievement

Mindset Quiz - fixed vs. growth mindset

Mindset Works - how growth mindset helps with motivation and achievement 

The Power Of Yet  Ted Talk with Carol Dweck

Ways to Praise An article about the Perils and Promises of Praise

Jo Boaler - Stanford math professor teaching growth mindset to students/parents/teachers

How to use growth mindset with Math, free online student course, videos, courses, tasks, resources, lots of good info. 

Mistakes grow your brain video

How to Learn Math  a free self-paced class for learners of all levels of mathematics.

How to encourage "productive struggle" in math.

Building a Growth Mindset in Children a simplified video about growth vs fixed mindset and how to build a growth mindset in kids.

General homeschooling info

1.Clickschooling - web-based curriculum idea every day

2. The Daily Groove - brings you an inspiring and/or practical message every Mon. through Fri.

3. Outschool- helps parents find and book learning activities for kids.

4. Discovery Learning Center- A volunteer-run, non-profit organization that provides learning resources to preschool, homeschool, and traditionally schooled families. The core of our mission is to provide a location and resources for pre-K through 8th grade family learning.

5. Choices 4 Learning - Resources for homeschooling with lots of stuff for special needs, community activities, learning topics, etc.

6. Homeschool Association of California -HSC is here to help you navigate the homeschooling world with information, networking, and support.

7. Santa Cruz Homeschooling Yahoo Group - This list is to support all homeschoolers in the Santa Cruz County, CA area. We share ideas, joys, sorrows, advice, and materials. We help families connect to form learning clubs for children with related interests. All are welcome, whether you are part of a learning program offered by one of the school districts or are independently homeschooling.

8. Homecruzers - Very active facebook group with lots of support and ideas.

9. Homeschooling Blog and Books, Field Trips and more by Suki Wessling, former Ocean Homeschooling Parent and Educator.

Online Learning Resources

      * Ted Talks

Interesting video talks about many subjects

  * Crash Course

Science, Social Studies, etc. videos on youtube

Homeschooling Links



Local websites

Yahoo Groups



1. Art Factory - Homeschool art classes for beginner and advanced students.

2.The Crafter's Studio

3. Earth Art Studio

4. Seven Directions Art School - The home school program offers kids a thematic, in depth art experience. Consistently, kids in this program have the opportunity to work together to make projects from a wide range of materials and disciplines.

5. Kaiwa Art and Play Space - The mission of Kaiwa Art and Play Space is to empower children through dialogue and play to create art that blurs the line between expression and invention in an informal learning environment that connects children to inspired professionals from different fields and challenging ideas.  As a play space, studio, and experimental gallery, Kaiwa inspires children to converse, create, and curate.

6. Kimberly Hardin Art Foundation - Homeschool and afterschool art classes for children of all ages.

7. SCPhoto - SC Photo provides a complete program for either independent study, class study, home school or small group study of digital photography. The online program uses a software called "Moodle" to deliver web based curriculum that involves students in online discussions, submission of work and lessons that can be used for individual study or group stody. It can be your "green alternative" to a paper textbook at a much lower cost.


  1. Starfall - Free site to teach the basics of reading.  Features interactive books and phonics games.

  2.   Teach Your Monster to Read:   FREE!   Letter names, and sounds (phonics) in a       fun format for K-1 and beginning readers.

  3. Reading Eggs - Online phonics games for beginning readers. Also small stories to read.  Free for first month, then low fee to continue.
  4. One-Stop academic classes for homeschoolers -We are a group of 4 teachers, that offer one day a week academic classes for K-8th grade in Felton. Our classes are broken up for K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8. Contact Veronica Olson "mailto"
  5. Sequential Spelling - An option for spelling.

  6. Handwriting Without Tears - Created by an occupational therapist to support healthy writing habits.

  7. LitWits - Hands-on, sensory, academic experiences that make great books and writing fun for kids!  Immersive literature workshops for 7+, writing camps for 8+, and analysis/writing classes for 13+.                                                                                                 

  8.  Evan Moor Publishing - worksheets for all academic areas.

  9. Read Naturally - Our research-based reading interventions help struggling and developing readers improve their literacy skills and become confident, independent readers.

  10. Santa Cruz Public Library - Our local public library with resources like Tumblebooks (interactive readers), audiobooks and lots of print books too!



Free Math Help

  1. Cool Math

  2. Math Online


  4. Living Math

     6. How to Learn Math with Jo Boaler - How to Learn Math is a free self-paced class for learners of all levels of mathematics.

  1. Youcubed - Jo Boaler's website for resources to teach math.

  2. See above "Growth Mindset"

  3. Make your own graph paper - Website for printing free graph paper

  4. Algebasics Algebra Tutorials

  5. Art of Problem Solving - Online classes, books and resources to challenge math students.

  6.  Khan Academy - online math curriculum (grade specific or content specific)

  7.   IXL - online math skills practice (grade specific or content specific) - every OA student has an account.  Talk to your consultant for user name and password



1.IRIS Science Academy -IRIS offers classes for K-12 in science and enrichment.

2. Nature-Based Ongoing Group - NBOG is a once-a-week, day-long class for homeschoolers age 5-15. The class meets outdoors on Fridays from 10am-3pm for 28 sessions from September through May. The curriculum is driven by the needs and desires of NBOG children, teachers and parents in order to help deepen the relationship the kids have with themselves, with each other, and with the natural world. If you are interested in more information about NBOG, please contact Marcy Reynolds at or at (831) 247-5617.

3. Riekes - The Riekes Center for Human Enhancement currently has openings in their rosters for our fall 2016 homeschool nature awareness programs.  Our programs are located at the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum. We also have opportunity for Teen assistants on these days to work along side lead staff to help with younger youth. Limited partial scholarships are available.

4.Art Factory - Aptos - Home-School Art & Science: Ages 7-11 and 10 and up. 1.5 hours. The subject matter in this class is based on Biology, with in-depth studies of plant life, animals, insects, fish and humans.

5. Outdoor Science Education - Lessons include physics, chemistry, biology and geology plus our environment and ecosystems. Activities are taught with encouragement and our trademark: fun, hands-on active learning and discovery. Contact OSE for current homeschool schedule and locations or to set up classes.

6. Wild Child Santa Cruz - Wild Child Freeschool is a nature-awareness program that seeks to build community through nature immersion, fun and learning.

7. Santa Cruz Learning Center - All our homeschool courses are taught by experienced instructors. We teach a blend of lecture and group work in each class.

8. Learn to Discover - “STEAM”-based classes for homeschoolers, such as robotics, engineering, electronics, programming, animation, earth science, marine biology, video game design, etc., for all ages.

9.  Mystery Science

Open and go lessons that inspire kids to love science.


1. West End Studio Theater - The mission of the Academy at WEST is to provide youth and families a creative outlet and training ground that cultivates and treasures the imaginative process. We provide educational experiences in literature, performing, expressive and creative arts through classes and productions. We give young artists and audiences the invaluable knowledge that their imaginations have had a positive and profound impact on their world.

2.  All About Theatre - All About Theatre has been offering theatrical training and quality productions to the greater Santa Cruz County community for over thirteen years now. We focus our energy and creativity on training our students in all the areas of performing arts; dance, acting and singing. We are honored to say that we have produced over 100 full-scale productions with up to 12-piece orchestrations. We have a year round academy of classes and workshops that should appeal to children aged 3 and up, and are working on our classes and productions for adults.


1. Ninjas in Nature -See the world through the eyes of a ninja. Learn ancient survival skills, martial arts, awareness, plant and animal identification, fire-making, and more at this weekly afternoon program.

2. Adventure Sports - Adventure Sports Unlimited (ASU) is an aquatics fun center that teaches people to play in water. Our charter is to bring people together, teach them to the best of their abilities, outfit them with gear to fit their potential, arrange adventures to use their new skills, and eat well.

3. Santa Cruz Gymnastics - At SCGC we have homeschool classes for the beginning and advanced level. The homeschool class runs 55 minutes and is held on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00-2:55. All gymnasts will be evaluated and put into the Beginner or advance level.


4. Tumbling Tutor - I have a mobile gymnastics company, Tumbling Tutor, bringing tumbling to you since 2002!! You may schedule classes at my gym or I can bring the gym to you. We go to pre-schools, home schools, private play groups etc... We are licensed, live scanned and carry liability insurance.


5. Rod Sanford's Traditional Martial Arts - Day classes for children 7 and up who have


6. Aikido of Santa Cruz - Aikido is a dynamic, non-competitive Japanese martial art whose

guiding principle is HARMONY: within oneself, with others, and with nature. Students develop physical techniques, mental focus, interpersonal skills, and a peaceful spirit, while training in a safe and mutually supportive environment.  Aikido of Santa Cruz offers classes for ages 6-9, 9-12, and 13-18, as well as adult classes. You can start at any time.


7. Rosy Smiley Equestrian - Riding lessons for children of all ages.


8. International Academy of Dance- Day classes for homeschoolers 10 and up through the school year.