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Welcome Sea Urchins!

Welcome Sea Urchins!


January 30


3 Agreements:

Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible


Neuroscience shows that challenges make our brains grow!


If you haven't failed, you haven't tried anything new.

Ocean Alternative Health Policy


Let's all stay healthy. Please observe your child for symptoms of illness each day they plan to come to the center. Our health policy also applies to parents and staff.


Stay home if there are any signs of the following:


A fever of 100 degrees or more

A constant cough

Symptoms of illness including: low energy, aches, chills, etc.

Diarrhea/Vomiting more than once within the past 24 hours

Any contagious disease (please notify us)

Any illness or injury within the past 24 hours, which prohibits a child from actively participating in the program 


If your child becomes sick while at the program, you or someone listed on your emergency card will be contacted to pick the child up immediately.


Thanks for you help!


Drop Off/Pick up Policy: Just as a reminder, for safety reasons, student drop off/pick up is in the Green Acres parking area (go straight instead of turning into District Office/Tierra Pacifica/ Preschool lot). If you need to see that your student is getting to class or need to come on campus, please park in parking spaces available in either lot. (District Office or Green Acres) 


Also, we ask that you honor the drop off and pick up times for each day. If you have special circumstances please check with Sue in advance. The staff uses the time before and after school to set up, clean up and have meetings with families. If you arrive to school early, please plan to stay with your child. Thank you for your cooperation.


Monday  9:30 to 1:30 (or 2:30 for students in Singing Club).  We ask that all parents walk your child in and come in to get them.


Tuesday 9:15 (Classes start at 9:30) to 1:30 or 2:30 (for students in Minecraft Club)


Wednesday 9:15 (Classes start at 9:30) to 1:30 or 2:30 (for students in After School Classes/Leadership events)


Thursday Spectra Art 

Groupers, 11:30 to 1:00 (except Buddy Days and during Theater), 

Sea Squirts & Urchins, 1:00 -3:00.


We also encourage families to use the site as a hub or hang out after school hours and only ask that you supervise your own children.



The Potatoes Math Group

Tuesdays, 9:40 - 10:30

with Joy

1/9/18:  This was our last class and we spent time talking about all the activities we had done and what we had learned.  We spent the rest of the time refining the students' games, writing out clear directions and even playing a game or two.  The student games were a big hit at the Math Festival.  Thank you to those who came, it was a super, fun night!

We will get together one more time in this focus group to do a writing assessment on 1/23.  Writing Focus Groups will be formed using these assessments and a variety of other criteria.  Writing groups will start Tuesday, 1/30.

This group was very involved and seemed to have fun while learning a variety of skills, including multiplication.  Thanks everyone for a great group!!
Please check this page weekly and encourage your child to complete the "Home Extension" activity and bring the following week.  See previous weeks' summaries here

Justin's Math Focus Group

11/28 - The Painted Cube. This activity asks kids to answer questions about a 3x3x3 cube (picture a Rubik's Cube). If the entire cube were dipped in a can of white paint, ...more

Focus Groups with Deb

Archive on Deb's Urchin Page

Both Groups: We worked on Ten Pairs playing Concentration

and we played the Above and Below Zero game to begin combining integers as distances from zero.


Fostering Growth Mindset

This is the video that I showed at the Parent Meet & Greet





We talked about the responsibilities that students have at Ocean Alternative and played Minefield.  Then, we reviewed measuring angles with a protractor and went on a scavenger hunt for clues to solve a puzzle.



Angle Measurement


Previous week notes


These groups are all about the interests of the students and what they want to do, investigate, and learn. Students brainstorm and form Inquiry Groups which continue each week.  Inquiry meets weekly from 12:45 - 1:30 except on the last Tuesday of the month which is Showcase. 

Urchin Inquiry currently is:

Cooking/Arts and Crafts

Active Play/Team Games




Minecraft Club is FULL!!!


Parent Permission forms and a sign up sheet will be in the office starting September 19 at 9am. Class enrollment is on a first come first serve basis and space is limited to 14 students.


Parent permission forms must be signed and returned back in the office by September 26. Parent phone calls to the school office will be also accepted until the class is full.


What? Minecraft Club! We will be using Minecraft EDU, a game based learning tool that looks and feels like Minecraft, with teacher control and guidance.  


When? Tuesdays, starting Oct. 3, from 1:30 – 2:30pm.  


Who? Class space is limited to 14 students and priority is given to Tuesday Sea Urchins (grades 3-5). Students in 2nd, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade can join on a space available basis.  


Where? Meet in the Science room at Ocean Alternative.  


***Note: Students must sign-up, no drop-ins please.***


Singing & Craft Club

Minecraft Club

Film Festival Club 

For the latest on the Clubs available, click here.