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Welcome Sea Squirts!

Welcome Sea Squirts!

Fostering Growth Mindset


For more Growth Mindset videos, go to this website.

Lunchtime Read Alouds:

Did you ever wake up to one of those days where everything is a problem? You have 10 things to do, but only 30 minutes until your bus leaves. Is there enough time? You have 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. Can you make 1 good outfit? Then you start to wonder: Why does everything have to be such a problem? Why do 2 apples always have to be added to 5 oranges? Why do 4 kids always have to divide 12 marbles? Why can't you just keep 10 cookies without someone taking 3 away? Why? Because you're the victim of a Math Curse. That's why. But don't despair. This is one girl's story of how that curse can be broken.

Monday (K - 2nd grade)

Join us for Sea Squirt Days 

Mondays, 9:30 - 1:30!

Bring a snack and lunch and something for Share Time after lunch.

Please walk your student in and pick them up at the classroom.





5/21: I am so proud of all of our students!  Everyone completed several books during this Bookmaking Group and most students read their work to an audience of their peers and did a fantastic job!  I hope everyone keeps writing over the summer!  See you in August!

5/14: Everyone finished their books!  I will finish binding them this week and they will be ready to share at our last class day on 5/21.  This had been a fantastic group of writers and I hope everyone will keep writing during the summer!


MATH with Deb:

Counting, Games,and Problem Solving!

Today we die our own jumping olympics, running through our pillow jumping, hula hoop diving, and hurdle leaping routines as many times as the dice roll decided. We'll do more next week! We did downhill courses this week. Everyone won a gold medal!

LINKS: Kindergarten Math Games ; Four Block Towers ; Game of Totals ; Count on Me ; Week of Inspirational Math ; The Pocket Game ; Johnnie's Math Page Kinder ; IXL Kindergarten Overview ; Concentration ; Count with Lecky




Share is every Monday after lunch.  We encourage kids to bring something from home that represents something they've done or learned. They get to share with their friends, and we hope to inspire others to say, "I want to try that!" (rather than, "I want to buy that!"). Help your kids choose something to bring!

Ocean Alternative Health Policy


Let's all stay healthy. Please observe your child for symptoms of illness each day they plan to come to the center. Our health policy also applies to parents and staff.

Stay home if there are any signs of the following:


A fever of 100 degrees or more

A constant cough

Symptoms of illness including: low energy, aches, chills, etc.

Diarrhea/Vomiting more than once within the past 24 hours

Any contagious disease (please notify us)

Any illness or injury within the past 24 hours, which prohibits a child from actively participating in the program 


If your child becomes sick while at the program, you or someone listed on your emergency card will be contacted to pick the child up immediately.


Thanks for you help!



9:30 - 9:50—Free Play

9:50 - 9:55—Clean Up/Wash Hands

10:00 - 10:15—Snack

10:15 - 10:35—Outside Play

10:35 - 11:15—Investigations Groups

11:15 - 11:30—Circle Time

11:30 - 12:15—Focus Groups

12:15 - 12:40—Lunch

12:40 - 1:30—Share and Outside Play




These developmental groups will include both Science and Social Studies. Messy Camp will alternate with Empathy/Social Skills.  Please wear clothing that could possibly get stained during Messy Camp.

Messy Camp Science: 4/16 and 4/23: Everyone made Fluffy Slime!  It was exciting to see the chemical reaction when we added contact solution to our solution of glue, baking soda and colors!


Oompas and Loompas: Social Studies "Empathy" Investigations.

We've been writing group stories and putting them on as small plays for the other group at Circle Time, and are writing in our Buddy Journals. 


Drop Off/Pick up Policy: Just as a reminder, for safety reasons, student drop off/pick up is in the Green Acres parking area (go straight instead of turning into District Office/Tierra Pacifica/ Preschool lot). If you need to see that your student is getting to class or need to come on campus, please park in parking spaces available in either lot. (District Office or Green Acres) 


Also, we ask that you honor the drop off and pick up times for each day. If you have special circumstances please check with Sue in advance. The staff uses the time before and after school to set up, clean up and have meetings with families. If you arrive to school early, please plan to stay with your child. Thank you for your cooperation.


Monday  9:30 to 1:30.  We ask that all parents walk your child in and come in to get them.


Tuesday 9:15 (Classes start at 9:30) to 1:30 or 2:30 (for students in Minecraft Club)


Wednesday 9:15 (Classes start at 9:30) to 1:30 or 2:30 (for students in After School Classes/Leadership events)


Thursday Spectra Art 

Groupers, 11:30 to 1:00 (except Buddy Days and during Theater), 

Sea Squirts & Urchins, 1:00 -3:00.


We also encourage families to use the site as a hub or hang out after school hours and only ask that you supervise your own children.