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Time Periods First Semester (89 student days):

August 23-October 4 (30 student days)

October 5-November 17 (31 student days)

November 27-January 19 (28 student days)

Time Periods Second Semester (91 student days):

January 23-March 7 (30 student days)

March 8-April 25 (30 student days)

April 26-June 8 (31 student days)

We should meet at least once per time period. If you would like to meet more often, please let me know!

I will collect samples when we meet—please have them ready, and please bring other projects and work samples so that I get a complete picture of your child's growth, activities, and efforts.

For each time period, I will need a minimum of one sample per subject area, with name, date, and time it took, along with the subject area (Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Art and Music) written on each sample.

Each time chunk packet needs to include samples dated within the time period so that I can streamline my paperwork.

If I am your family's consultant, I will have added you to my appointment calendar so that you can see when I'm available for meetings.  If you have a google calendar, my Appointment Calendar should show up under Other Calendars. Let me know if it doesn't work!  Here's the link: Deb's Appointment Calendar.  

Please note that I will do my best to check these the night before, but if you schedule for a time at the last minute, you might want to call me! Also, if I am driving to you, please accept my apologies in advance if I'm a bit late—I'm available at the time of the appointment to begin my journey to you.